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Every spring people are instructed to set their clocks forward one hour and every fall these same clocks are then set back an hour. Your security system(s) may contain a programmable clock(s) and any computer used to program these systems do contain clocks that should be changed also in the spring and the fall.

This clock time change is less of an issue with a VCR or a DVR for example, because at worst the timestamp of the recorded video is an hour off and can still be easily understood. It becomes critical for an access control system however, particularly one where cardholders have varying access rights depending on the time of day and/or doors or elevators which may be required to lock or unlock at a predefined time.
Before 2007, the general rule for Daylight Savings time changes in most areas of North America was to move the clocks an hour ahead the first Sunday of April at 2:00 AM. Clocks return to normal time (move back an hour) the last Sunday of October at 2:00 AM. As of October 26, 2006, Canada has followed this change as well, to avoid causing undue travel and trade problems. Since 2017, the start of Daylight Savings time is the third Sunday of March and the end is the first Sunday of November.
Most computer operating systems can be set to automatically change for Daylight Savings Time but be reminded that any equipment connected to the PC will likely have to have this information downloaded to it. 
For information regarding the update of a Windows-based PC, please visit this Microsoft site regarding Windows: Daylight Savings Time Help and Support Center. Please note that Microsoft no longer supports operating systems predating Windows Vista and will provide no mechanism to automatically change the DST rules for these systems. PCs using these operating systems may need the DST rules fixed manually or will have to have the automatic DST adjustment turned off.
Please select from the sidebar the equipment you have in order to understand what is needed to make date/time changes to your equipment.
Please click here for a list of known equipment that will require technical support for the new DST date changes.
For your convenience the following chart is provided for you which indicates the date of Daylight Savings Time changes before and after this new legislation:
DST Begins
DST Ends
March 08
November 01
March 13
November 06
March 12
November 05
March 11
November 04
March 10
November 03
March 08
November 01
March 14
November 07
March 10
November 06

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