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For over 20 years, Fitch Security has been a dealer for the original Intelligent Controls Inc.(ICI) product line.

ICI started as an independent manufacturer / developer in Lynnewood, Washington USA, owned by an expatriate Canadian from Montreal, Canada, Robert Percival. Involved with the RCMP at the time, Mr. Percival was instrumental in pushing "bar code" access card technology into the security industry, introducing it into the EXPO 67` Olympic games in Montreal in 1967. The bar code technology he created and named "Barlock" expanded over the years into a division called "ID Solutions" which sold card readers to third parties not necessarily involved with the rest of the ICI Access control systems they sold. The appeal of barcode readers greatly reduced throughout the 1990`s and the company was sold in late 1997 to Odetics under the GYYR banner. Gyyr later renamed the product, now known as MAXXess, and sold the company to private investors.

In 2012, the Barcode/Barlock readers and the BLP
 controllers for this proprietary format were discontinued. In 2015 the Axxess 100, 200 and 202 software lineup and the entire BLP series of controllers were discontinued. Now all Barlock/BLP products are unsupported and unavailable for purchase from the manufacturer and ourselves.

As we had much success with this product line over many years and as we replaced all known systems that clients of ours had, we have available a limited inventory of new and used replacement and service parts.


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