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Complete Security Solutions,
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Door hardware is an integral part of any premise’s security. From simple hinges, door knobs, crash bars, latches and door closers, all the way to complex electronic locking mechanisms, the line between “hardware” and “electronics” is getting narrower. Of all security theories, two are prominent, the weakest link – meaning your security is only as strong as your most vulnerable part – and the layering of security – meaning that no one technology can stand on its own – from locks and door and lock hardware, environmental design, lighting, CCTV, intrusion alarms to access control systems, these are all important parts of the layering technique. To this point – lock and door and lock hardware play a pivotal role in protecting your facilities.


Fitch Security Integration Inc. is proud to be both an Authorized Channel Partner and a Certified Integrator for Assa Abloy Products. The Authorized Channel Partner (ACP) program requires Security Integrators to be trained on real-world scenarios and exercises to ensure thorough understanding of product features, applications, model structure, and pricing. The Certified Integrator (CI) program provides Security Integrators with intensive, hands-on training which goes beyond the ACP program, training also on conducting proper site surveys, system design, product installation on full-size doors, system integration, and real-world, hands-on troubleshooting exercises.

Recent advances take door entry to a whole new level allowing completely wireless door locks, with integrated card readers to be deployed with zero wiring and full functionality saving end-users potentially tens of thousands of dollars in deploying a card access system. These devices have all the features and more, than a traditional wired access control door typical does with some being capable of communicating live over a client’s existing WiFi system.

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