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One of the first steps in providing effective security is access control. Access control can limit who can access what areas, and provide a record of who entered which area and when. This helps protect your building, your assets, your information, and your people.

Access control software is user friendly and can be combined with other security features, such as surveillance cameras and intrusion detection devices to provide a more complete system. Access control provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can easily be copied or lost, thus compromising your security. Alternatively, biometrics, cards, and other credentials can easily be cancelled, added, or modified with the click of a button. You can manage your access control yourself, either on-site or remotely, or have Fitch Security Integration host and/or monitor it for you.

Some situations call for a different types of access control; this is where intercoms may be used. Intercoms allow visitors to “call” a concierge, security guard, or directly into suites, either for residential or commercial applications, in order to gain access.

Fitch Security is pleased to offer selected access control software hosting to our clients, which allows clients ease of movement with over 99.9% uptime connectivity to all sites. By having Fitch host your access control system, you can secure your facility without additional hardware, software, or training costs.

Fitch also offers its clients secure FTP storage space for use for security systems backup file storage.

We have partnered with some of the most well-known access control providers in the business to ensure you get the right solution, no matter what your situation.

Assa Abloy

Recent advances take door entry to a whole new level allowing completely wireless door locks, with integrated card readers to be deployed with zero wiring and full functionality saving end-users potentially tens of thousands of dollars in deploying a card access system. These devices have all the features and more, than a traditional wired access control door typical does with some being capable of communicating live over a client’s existing WiFi system.

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 The Viscount EnterChek (original version) platform have been long discontinued by both the reseller and its manufacturer (Keyscan) although some functioning systems exist within our service area. Due to the limited Operating system capability (Windows 98), these all need to be upgraded as soon as possible.

The replacement involves the upgrading of the local computer, replacement software and the replacement of all door and elevator controllers. Card readers, credentials and other types of devices including radio transmitters and infrared readers along with entire databases can be re-used, making the transition an easy one to perform.

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GE / Casi-Rusco

The entire GE/Casi-Rusco product line was bought by UTC (united Technologies Corporation) when it acquired all of GE Security in 2009. The GE/Casi-Rusco access control was subsequently merged into the Lenel product line and so we no longer support it. You may find more information about this at: https://www.lenel.com/solutions/access-control/legacy-systems/onguard-migration and at https://www.lenel.com/products/access-hardware/controllers-modules/facility-commander-wnx-controllers-and-modules

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Idemia (formerly OT-Morpho) is a global leader in identity verification systems.

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The MaxXess product line (it`s controllers) were coverted to IP over the years prior to 2015 - during this time an effort was made by us to transion our clients to other platforms. Although MaxXess is rock solid in it`s performance, we now only service existing legacy sites and continue to strive to convert these to other platforms as all parts and tech support for the non-IP controllers have been discontinued by the manufacturer.   

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