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January 3, 2018    (by Emergency Evacuation Plans)

An employee may have shown up for work in the morning, then stepped out for an appointment without advising someone just before the unthinkable happens. In the event you can’t account for the person during roll call, other actions will ensue which may involve putting others in harm’s way to determine if the person is still inside the building.

Whether it’s a fire, or other emergency situations that require full evacuation, accuracy in real time is critical.

Installing card access systems at main entry / exit doors which record who entered the building and display muster roll calls on a mobile app is a good start, but it doesn’t help when you don’t know who left the building prior to the incident.

Implementing turnstiles and optical speedgates at the main entry / exit points force the card holder to use their access card in and out of the building, resulting in an accurate roll call report at any given time.


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