Lead Reward – Terms and Conditions


The Fitch Security Integration Inc. (hereby referred to as “FSI”) Referral Reward Program (hereby referred to as the “RRP”) offers you the opportunity to be rewarded for supplying FSI with qualified information that leads to a successful sale and successful collection of 100% of the funds for that sale by FSI from your referral.

Once an RRP on-line referral is completed by you and when you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions in the on-line submittal, we will ascertain if the referral is “valid” (not limited to but at a minimum) to ensure that the lead is not connected to, not related to or is an existing client of FSI and/or that the referral is not a project FSI were aware of before the referral was made. The outcome of this process will be confirmed to you in a return email for your records.

If the referral is determined to be “valid”, we will next contact you to discuss the relationship you have with the possible new client and the details as to what you know about it. Once that has occurred to our satisfaction, we will contact the referral for discussion and to arrange for a site visit with one of our Sales Team in order to prepare a quotation.

We will keep you informed of our progress on the referral and it’s quotation subject to Privacy concerns / our Privacy Policies. If we are awarded an order for the work, once the work has been fully completed and once we are fully (100%) paid for the project, we will reward you with 5% of the sale (non-taxed value) of the total project’s value. This minimum project size to qualify will be $2000 with no maximum project size. The minimum payment we would make on an RRP would be $100.00 up to a maximum payment of $25,000.00 (regardless if the size of the project is over $500,000.00 (non-taxed value).

All referrals that are paid out will be in compliance with current tax law and will be compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency (hereby known as the CRA) rules and procedures. All payments made allow no method of bypassing the declaration of income and thus the paying of tax by anyone receiving RRP funds.

By submitting the referral on-line, it does not mean you have any right or claim of any nature whatsoever over the client and/or a project, now or anytime in the future. Any RRP client confirmed as “valid” does not mean that you have any claim whatsoever on any future (beyond the initial lead) project, sale or service the referred Client provides to FSI and/or that the referred Client requires from FSI.

Note that at no time will the details of any security system, technical information, personal or business information of any potential client/validated client referred through the RRP program, be revealed to an RRP applicant. The absolute bare minimum of information will be shared and this information will only be related to the RRP claim being made.

The RRP Program cannot be combined with any other Program or incentive offered by FSI.

In order to collect RRP funds, your personal and tax information will need to be collected by FSI in order to make the appropriate CRA declarations.

You agree that you will have no claim or right whatsoever over FSI, its Shareholders or Directors under any condition(s) and that you and your heirs will not attempt to hold FSI, its Shareholders or Directors accountable in any claim whatsoever, in any legal proceeding whatsoever now or in the future. This is including but not limited to, FSI’s inability to close a sale with any referral you have provided and/or inability to collect funds due from any referral.

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