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Monitoring / ULC Listed Fire Monitoring

Quality equipment and superior customer service are just the beginning.  At Fitch Security Integration, we follow up our services with superior monitoring from our ULC Listed Central Station.  We provide a variety of monitoring options to suit your specific needs such as 24-hour security and fire system monitoring, elevator, duress station and CCTV (video) monitoring. 
What is more, we also provide ULC listed fire monitoring which is important when it is required to comply with Fire and Building Department Authorities. Fitch Security has also been a ULC listed fire monitoring Company for over 20 years, which allows us to provide our clients with the most complete fire monitoring service possible- ULC certified installation and inspections ensuring ongoing code compliance with all ULC regulations. 
ULC`s Fire and Security Alarm System certificate programs a reliable way to identify code complying Fire Alarms and Security Systems. These programs take the widely recognized ULC mark and place it on an installed system in the form of a certificate.  ULC certificates can only be issued by ULC listed companies.
For more information about Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada, visit their website at www.ul.com/canada/eng/pages/