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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
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Self-Storage Security



Storage is your business.

If your facility isn’t secure, neither is your reputation.  Your clients expect their belongings to be safe from theft, vandalism, floods, and fire.  We understand you can’t protect them from every threat, but you can mitigate your liability by providing the best security possible.  

How do you prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your facility?  A quality access control system that allows authorized users onto the property and into the building, and only disarms their locker.  Locker monitoring ensures that only lockers unlocked by a unique passcode can be opened, otherwise alarms will trigger.  Pair this with a video surveillance system that records based on events and you have not only deterred would be criminals, but captured them on video for identification purposes.  

Having trouble collecting on delinquent accounts?  The access control system can be integrated with your accounting program to refuse entrance to those owing, prompting them to enter the office to pay before accessing their belongings.  


Security is ours.

What does this mean for you?  A more secure facility translates to happier clients, which leads to more referrals, longer stays, and more revenue.  Less incidents in your facility means less liability claims, thus protecting your bottom line.  

Fitch Security Integration understands your unique needs, and can help you design an integrated security system to not only protect you from loss, but to increase your profit margin.

A quality access control system can ensure lockers are only accessed by authorized users, thus protecting your client`s property and your bottom line.
Surveillance cameras provide a visual record of authorized and unauthorized visitors to your facility.