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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind

Logistics Security

A Comprehensive System for Increased Productivity

The transportation industry faces a multitude of security issues that have a significant impact on how you do business.

How can a surveillance system make your life easier? A license plate recognition system in your yard can ensure timely pick-up and delivery, providing you with a record of what time trucks left the yard. Analytics can track particular vehicles in the yard, sending off alerts to the security system should something be moved unexpectedly. A security system on all roll-up doors and in other sensitive areas can protect against large-scale theft. Video surveillance can provide a record of damage to property by trucks, helping to identify negligent drivers and deter or detect theft.

A comprehensive security, surveillance, and access control system can improve your business in ways you may not have thought possible.


As warehouse staff come and go, particularly around the holidays, a major concern is product shrinkage. How do you protect your clients’ products, while also protecting yourself? The most logical solution is a combination of access control and video surveillance. Access control limits who has access to what particular areas. This means you can allow some employees to enter only the office space, others only the warehouse, and further limit these to only a few entering high security areas. This helps to account for how many people are able to physically handle product, as well as providing a record of who was in a given area at a particular time.

Product Damage

Your insurance company, as well as your client’s insurance company, will appreciate you having a surveillance system in place to provide evidence as to whether product was damaged in the warehouse, or on the truck. If you can prove that the product left your facility in its original condition, your insurance company need not be involved, thus keeping your premiums low. Do you ship chemicals or other hazardous materials? A video record is important liability protection for any environmental issues that may occur in your warehouse, your yard, or on your trucks.

By planning ahead, you can protect yourself from liability issues, shrinkage, and generally improve your productivity.

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