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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind

Industrial Security

A Comprehensive System for Increased Productivity

The industrial manufacturing industry faces a multitude of security issues that have a significant impact on how you do business.

Employee safety is of paramount concern. How do you ensure that your employees are protected? A quality access control system creates staff flow control, limiting who can access high security areas, or separating plant staff from office staff. It can also be integrated with your time and attendance system to provide a record of employee comings and goings, ensuring production can continue to operate.

Critical Point monitoring

How can a security system help reduce contamination and losses? By providing Critical Point Monitoring. Our systems monitor closely for temperature changes, and water from sprinklers and floods. An alert is sent out immediately if either the temperature or moisture is compromised, also triggering the surveillance system to record the event, thus ensuring the proper measures can be taken to address the situation before significant losses can occur.

Perimeter Control

Protecting your plant starts outside – with effective perimeter control, access control at gates and entrances, and cameras to monitor parking lots, entrances and exits, and vulnerable areas. An integrated system allows you to monitor all areas simultaneously, ensuring you can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

By planning ahead, you can protect your employees, your company, and generally improve your productivity.

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