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Complete Security Solutions,
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Food Service Security


Liability protection

Protect your business by capturing and recording incidents on camera, thereby providing you with evidence for police or insurance providers

Your business is vulnerable

The food service industry faces a multitude of threats: threats to your bottom line thanks to shrinkage and theft, threats to your staff and patrons from would-be criminals, and threats to your livelihood in the form of liability. Having a quality integrated security system can help protect you and your business.


Product shrinkage, in the form of raw food loss, costs the food service industry millions of dollars a year. How can a security system help prevent this loss? Simple. Critical Point Monitoring helps ensure your fridges and freezers never rise above or below certain temperatures. If they do, an alert is sent out immediately, allowing you to recover your product or correct the problem before you face unnecessary waste.


Theft, both internal and external, presents not only a financial concern, but also a safety concern. By limiting access to certain key areas, such as cash registers and management offices, and storage rooms through an access control system, you can help prevent losses before they occur. These systems can also be integrated with your surveillance system, triggering your cameras to record events as they occur.

Cameras at front entrances, on patios, and at drive-thru windows can act as a deterrent for potential criminals, or provide evidence of an incident, such as slip-and-falls, thus protecting you from issues of liability. Cameras can also provide a watchful eye over critical areas such as cash registers and points of contact between customers and staff.

We have been working as a security partner for the food service industry for decades. We know the many challenges you face. Let us show you how we can help.